1993 Miatar.

I actually have two of these, however the black car was in bad shape body wise, so I bought the red car as a stripped shell and built it from a combo of black car parts, and new parts.

I believe to be the only 1.6 liter ITB’d Miata in the state.

1993 C-Package Miata

“Spec” series 1.6 liter engine.
Homebuilt DIYPNP2 Megasquirt EMS w/Bluetooth and AFM delete
T3 1.6 BP -> Toyota 20V adapter manifold
Toyota 20V ITBs
T3 Aluminum air horns
Uni Filters
AUS Injection 350CC Injectors
Kelford “Race” Cams w/ springs and retainers
Stainless Steel Exhaust Header w/ Marmot-Spec center exit exhaust
Corksport cam gears, lightweight crank pulley
GarageStar cam bolt washers and bolts, radiator cover, cowl cover, oil fill cap, and aluminum pulleys
Exedy stage 2 clutch w/ Fidanza 7 pound flywheel
Toyota coil-on-plug conversion
1.8 rear subframe
1.8 sport brakes
Stainless brake lines
Poly suspension/control arm bushings
GarageStar delrin diff mounts
MazdaSpeed engine mounts
K-Sport K-Control coilovers
Koyo Radiator
Mishimoto Silicone radiator hoses
SuperMiata oil pump
HardDog roll bar
Sparco R100 Seat w/G-Force harnesses and Marmot-Spec mounts
Ralco short shifter w/GarageStar extension and CamART knob
1997 Dash
Custom Cluster
GV style front lip
Momo Mod.07 steering wheel w/ Sparco Hub